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Garfield Street festival brings everybody out and together. The late Robin Abston and I went to NDHS and Marquette University together. Aside from Juneteenth Day a month and a half earlier, and African World Festival the first weekend of August, it is the better of meeting places but like radio station 1290 WMCS-AM Heritage "Day" is way short at only a single 8 hours of one day.
The musically oriented Garfield Blues, Jazz and Gospel Arts Festival along the street from 4th street to 7th is a pedestrian-only vendor heavy zone. There are various stages set up on the side streets, with clowns, balloon blowers, strolling magicians and more.
The two anchors of the festival are the nightspots the Garfield 502 Club on the corner of 5th, and Andre's tap on 7th. In between is a great deal of fun and frolic, old friends and new ones. 
Of course food is another big draw, and unlike Juneteenth Day with its truly Mom and Pop and church operations, during Garfield is provided mainly by commercial vendors.


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