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In Cinema Views: The Academy Awards were ho-hum this year, but it still was a spectacle. Why did an actress wear a Hefty bag? Why did a former exotic dancer wear a dress slit so high you could almost see her burning bush? Why didn't Ruby Dee win for "American Gangster?"...


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THIS ISSUE OF THE WORD NETPAPER: college scholarships and million$$ going begging for lack of applicants   African Descended Month events -- into March!   PHYLLIS WHEATLY SCHOOL READ-INS   ONGOING EVENTS  INNER ATTAINMENT Woodson Week at UWM   SAVING OUR YOUTH  Are you "Ready to Teach"?  Sista Pride Princess for the Prom transformation opportunity  USED MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS WANTED  Milwaukee Fatherhood Collaborative  BROWN BOYS BONDING THRU BOOKS  4th STREET FORUM PRESENTS   mondays at 502 club   steppers and boppers classes  community brainstorming breakfast 4th sats. 





America's Black Holocaust Museum | 
                   2233 N 4th Street | Milwaukee, WI 53212
                   ph. 414.264.2500
Expanded Certification for Teaching:, or contact Trenile Tillman at

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Get advice on how to find your family history as listed in old documents AND on the Internet. View old photos and census records used in family research. See charts created by local researchers showing their ancestry tracing back into the 1800's and the days of slavery. Start learning about your great-great-grandparents and where YOU come from. The African American Genealogical Society of Milwaukee Open House - Saturday, Feb. 16th, 2008, King Library, 310 W. Locust. 1pm-4pm. This event is FREE. For more info call Chuck 414-527-1802. . .

Chuck Powell
To view a short clip from next weeks Black Family history Special on PBS "African American lives 2" click link....
Fly for Less Than You'd Think
The NetPaper people like to take off from time to time, just because.
We punched in Chicago because of the convenience, and this is what we came up with for the latest bargains. we like these sites because hey're straightforward about prices, route segments, and fees. For example, who only flies One Way?!
NEWSFLASH: Air Sale from Chicago, Fly from $103 Roundtrip
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 12:37:53 -0800
Each forum is taped in front of a live audience for later broadcast on Milwaukee Public Television, Channels 10/36.  The forums are free and open to the public.  Come and be a part of the discussion.  Participate by asking questions of the panelists.  Bring your lunch or purchase it from Historic Turner Restaurant.
WHERE:  Milwaukee Turner Hall, 2nd Floor, 1034 N. 4th Street (4th and Highland)
WATCH:  Milwaukee Public Television will broadcast this forum on Friday, FEBRUARY 22, Channel 10, 10PM and Sunday, FEBRUARY 24, Channel 36, 3PM.  It will also run on Time Warner's, "Wisconsin on Demand," (WIOD), Channel 1111.  Podcasts of the programs will be posted two weeks after broadcast at  Some of the programs will webcast at  All programs will be available for checkout from your local public library.
Deidre A. Martin
4th Street Forum
see the full articles on the link on the console on left
Richard M. Badger
It is my hope & prayer to connect to your conscience, as I am expressing the importance for each of us as Black Men in this community to share and give of ourselves, especially during this month, and we should take pride in where we have come from, where we are currently, and where we are going, with the work and commitment of each of us!
Phyllis Wheatley, like many other MPS schools are hosting Black History Month Read-Ins.  I am asking, begging you to consider taking an hour or two out of your week to visit this school and give of yourself to these young people, as they are in desperate need of seeing Black Men in this community.  Gail Gatson is the coordinator for this effort she can be reached at 267-9175.
Richard M. Badger
It is my hope & prayer to connect to your conscience, as I am expressing the importance for each of us as Black Men in this community to share and give of ourselves, especially during this month, and we should take pride in where we have come from, where we are currently, and where we are going, with the work and commitment of each of us!
Phyllis Wheatley, like many other MPS schools are hosting Black History Month Read-Ins.  I am asking, begging you to consider taking an hour or two out of your week to visit this school and give of yourself to these young people, as they are in desperate need of seeing Black Men in this community.  Gail Gatson is the coordinator for this effort she can be reached at 267-9175.
Allow me to share with you my experience at this school...My first experience at this school was two years I spoke to the class, my ice-breaker was for them to share their name, age, and what college they wanted to attend.  This being a fourth grade class, I assumed that they really didn't think much about college, but the answers I received were quite shocking!  Most of the students told me they wanted to attend colleges that had tv commercials, not any of the local universities.  There was one or two that had actually mentioned a true college or university, but there was this one boy who told me that he didn't think that he was good enough to go to college, and it was this boy that totally made me commit to this school!
We cannot have our children in the fourth grade believing that they are not good enough for anything in this world.  Think back when you were in the fourth grade...the world was your oyster, and there was nothing that you couldn't do or be if you set your mind to it...this fourth grader has already given up!  He will not succeed, because in his mind he has already failed, and it is this type of mentality that we as Black Men need to apologize to this community for!  We have abandoned our children, we have not done all that we can, and we owe this fourth grader and so many others our time, love, commitment, and prayers.
If you don't have the time, make the time, once you have made the time, commit yourself to sharing some of your time with these children or some children, because they need you, and truthfully we need them as well.  We will have to count on them to lead this country, and if we don't put the time in now, to raise them how we want them to grow then we will have nothing to complain about, but everything to fear later...
Ms. Gatson can be reached at 267-9175, please give her a call, and let her know when you are coming.  This has to be done, we cannot continue to sit by and expect our children to figure this out on their own.  We have to guide and nurture them.  We have to support their dreams and shape their thoughts.  We have to mold their thinking, so that they don't believe they have failed before they have even had an opportunity to try.
I pray that you will let your conscience be your guide!
Peace & Love,
Richard M. Badger

College for Kids/College for Teens website at, or call 414-227-3360
or e-mail us at 

Dear Friends,
Milwaukee Area Technical now has Articulation agreements with 8 Historically Black Colleges meaning that students can do their first two years at MATC then transfer to a 4yr HBCU College. Please email me if you need a name of a contact person at:
Thank You ~ Marvell Brantley
Milwaukee Area Technical College
Pre-College Division
Teacher of Mathematics
The name of the HBCU Colleges are:
Bennett College - Greensboro, North Carolina
 Jackson State University - Jackson, Mississippi
 Lane College - Jackson, Tennessee
 Miles College - Fairfield, Alabama
 North Carolina A&T - Greensboro, North Carolina
 Paine College - Augusta, Georgia
 Rust College - Holly Spring, Mississippi
 Texas College - Tyler, Texas
Case Manager Position Outline
Justice 2000, Inc.
Center for Driver’s License Recovery & Employability Program
SUMMARY: Case managers provide case management services to a target population of adult defendants who need support in order to satisfy all requirements leading to a valid driver’s license. Some program participants will also need special assistance accessing treatment for health, mental health, or substance abuse problems, and arranging community service in lieu of fines.  Case managers provide service at various points of contact, including the courts and the community.  Applicants must be reliable in staffing some hours at designated decentralized locations per the program’s community outreach efforts.
    * Accept eligible cases to fulfill primary duties of case management
    * Conduct interviews to identify special needs and the steps required to reinstate driving privileges
    * Conduct indigence assessment, as outlined by the courts, to determine ability to pay fines
    * Assist program participants to achieve all steps needed to reinstate driving privileges
    * Refer to intra-program legal assistance when necessary to help program participants achieve license reinstatement
    * Develop collaborative relationships with community-based treatment providers to initiate referrals to treatment programs when needed
    * Prepare written and oral recommendations, and subsequent reports for case reviews, before the court and/or other criminal justice entities
    * Maintain accurate records and documentation of referrals, admissions, and outcomes for all program participants, using program-specific database
      Bachelor’s degree in human service-related field such as criminal justice, social work, vocational counseling, or rehabilitation
      Computer literacy, including proficiency in Microsoft Word and Outlook
      Excellent verbal and written communication skills
      Knowledge of community-based resources and treatment services
      Demonstrated ability to work well with individuals from diverse economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds
      Excellent organizational skills, attention to detail and accuracy, ability to handle multiple tasks and work independently when necessary
      Ability to effectively advocate for the use of alternatives to fine payments and/or jail time
      Valid Wisconsin Driver’s License; if applicant owns an automobile, insurance is required
      Must pass Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department security background checks
      Proficiency in Spanish or Hmong a plus
Position Terms:
·                         Full-time with benefits
·                         Reports to service coordinator and program director
·                         Position openings include entry level to moderate experience
·             Central: Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) Downtown Campus
·             Several partnership locations in the community
For More information Contact:
Nichole L. Yunk, Director, Center for Driver's License Recovery & Employability
A Program of Justice 2000
414.297.7235 telephone, 414.297.8473 fax
Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC)
Foundation Hall, 8th Floor, 700 West State Street, Milwaukee, WI 53233
Pass this along to any high school graduate you know of

Scholarship information listed below. Please note the deadline date is March 28, 2008.
Please share this with interested and qualified students that you know,
or parents of students.
My name is Kenequia Parker and I am a 2002 MSU graduate. I work for the Coleman A. Young Foundation which is a scholarship foundation that has been around for 26 years. In 1998 I received a scholarship from this foundation ($20,000). Well, their application is now available online at
Please pass this information on to everyone that you know. The scholarship is valued at $22,000 and the deadline is March 28, 2008. This is a four-year scholarship to an accredited 4-year Michigan
college/university or any HBCU.
Kenequia Parker, MHSA.
Program Associate, Coleman A. Young Foundation
(313) 962-2200 Office / (313) 962-2208 Fax

2008 HPGM Scholarship Program
HPGM is proud to be a professional organization supporting Hispanics in higher education and is committed to providing opportunities for students.
Annually HPGM awards $2,500 scholarships to local students who are pursuing advanced degrees.
To be eligible for a scholarship, you must:
       • Be of Hispanic heritage.
       • Be a legal U.S. citizen and a resident of the state of Wisconsin.
       • Taking at least 6 credits in the fall 2008 or spring 2009 semesters.
       • Be enrolled in or applied for an advanced degree program at a U.S. accredited college/institute in the U.S.
       • Have a minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 and maintain a 3.0 GPA.
       • Keep HPGM informed of all academic progress and achievements.
The scholarship deadline is May 16, 2008. For more information visit

Text Box: 
Milwaukee Fatherhood Collaborative
Helping Men Become Better Fathers One Father At A Time Since 1999
2008 “THAT’S MY DAD”
ESSAY competition
This essay contest is based on the positive impact fathers have had in the lives of their child/ren

Contest Rules

      Deadline:  May 16th, 2008
      Essay should be based on the positive impact your father or father figure has had in your life.
      Each entry form must be filled out completely; attach completed essay to the entry form.
      Please write boldly and clearly in pen. (May be typed)
      Essay will be judged by age of contestants (writer).
      Entries must not have been previously published and must be the original work of the contestant.
      Please keep essay at 500 words or less
      You must include your name, home address and phone number.
      There are four categories, so any one can enter.
      Categories Age of Fathers: 16-19, 20-29, 30-42, 43 and up.
      Mail all entries to the Vincent Family Resource Center 2610 North Martin Luther King dr. Milwaukee, WI 53212 (Essay, Attention; Charles Richardson)
nEntry can be written by the mothers or grandparents of children 5 and under.
ALL essays become property of  The Milwaukee Fatherhood Collaborative
First place Prizes will be awarded to one Father in each category
Awards will be presented at That’s My Dad on June 14th, 2008
Humbolt Park 3000 S. Howell Ave.
(Fathers Must attend event)
Name: _____________________Age______________________
Address: ______________________________Phone #: _________
Father’s Name: _________________Phone#___________Age ______
Address:  ____________________________________________
Title of Entry ___________________________________________________________
Mail all entries to
The Milwaukee Fatherhood Collaborative
Essay Competition
Attention: Mr. Charles Richardson
2610 North Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.
Milwaukee, W.I 53212

Dear Community Partners and Leaders,
I would like to introduce myself, W. Terrence Evans, as the new Community Corrections Employment Program (CCEP) Supervisor. The Community Corrections Program (CCEP) is designed to bridge the gap from prison to the community by and through Work Experience, On The Job Training, Training Opportunities for Placement Program (TOPP), Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC), Bonding, and assistance in our One Stop Shop Resource Center.
The mission and objectives of the Community Corrections Employment Program are to:
Re-orientate or re-integrate individuals immediately upon release from prison to the world of work and acquisition of basic work sills.
Provide job performance evaluation and counseling to offenders to meet employer’s expectations in regular employment, work with offenders in finding permanent jobs through development of good work habits.
Assist in providing family support while the offender is making payment for court ordered obligations, and to help him/her to earn necessary living expenses during the stressful period of release and re entry.
Qualifications for Program:  Individuals must currently be on parole or probation.
In an effort to establish new contacts as well as keeping and building upon current ones, I would like to extend my hand in building and maintaining collaborations to effectively service the offender population. The Community Corrections Employment Program can be a very important part of the long term success of  the offender and the community in which they live in.
We really encourage, possible, employers to take advantage of the tax credits and monetary assistance that we provide. If you know of an individual and/or employer that can use our services please, have them give us a call.
I thank you for your time and if you would like a brochure which briefly describes our program and the services that we offer or have further questions please feel free to contact me via phone at 414-229-0737 or by email. I look forward to working with you all in the near future.
Sincerely, W. Terrence Evans, CCEP Director
4160 N Port Washington Road, Glendale, WI 53212
414-229-0673 (Fax)
The Vincent Family Resource Center is now enrolling Men for the
C:\Documents and Settings\tcf.OFFICE-1\My Documents\My Pictures\Microsoft Clip Organizer\j0289531.jpg
Fathering is an awesome responsibility.
Come work with other men while discovering the root of fathering and more
This life- altering experience will help you deal with past, present and future life challenges of being a father.
Class are held on Thursdays from 9:30 am – Noon
February 28- May 29th, 2008
Classes are free and Breakfast will be served
To enroll call 374-0109
Milwaukee Conservation Leadership Corps Program
Distribute this information to any student especially in the Latino community.  Student Conservation Association agency (non-profit) that focus on urban ecology, restoration, rebuilding parks in the Milwaukee area.
This will be the third summer employing Milwaukee students for seven weeks to work in the Milwaukee parks.
Feel free to distribute this information to any in-school Milwaukee City Students. 
For More information or an applicatioin
please feel free to contact:
Paula S. Kenenakhone, Program Manager
SCA-Student Conservation Association
Milwaukee Conservation Leadership Corps.
(414) 270-7519 work, (414) 933-4746 fax
Hello All:
This past summer, I had the opportunity to visit the American diabetes Camp Lakota in Rosholt, Wisconsin.  Camp Lakota is a 1 week two session camp July 27 - August 1,
and August 3 - August 8 for newly diagnosed children and teens with diabetes.
I was touched the camp provided an opportunity for children to see other children living with diabetes, enjoying the traditional camp life and activities, while "proudly" managing  their diabetes.  However, I was equally saddened of the  absence of African-American and other minority children from the Milwaukee area.
To address this unintentional lack of participation, I am pleased the staff of the Milwaukee American Diabetes Association, has forwarded the information early in the registration for the 2008 camp. If you have an interest or would like to refer a camp participant, please be mindful the camp fills up quickly!!!!  This is an excellent way for young people to experience the great outdoors, discover new relationships, connect with a lifelong diabetes support system and most importantly enjoy summer camp with others who understand diabetes.
Please click on the link below for more information or to download an application.  Or for more information or questions, please call Nancy Tarantino at 414-778-5511 ext. 6531
or email:
Regards, W. Curtis Marshall
Public Health Educator
Wisconsin Division of Public Health
Southeast Regional Office
Teachers, please encourage students to go to the website listed below and apply for the City of Milwaukee Summer Youth Internships.  Applications are due March 31st.  Students must live in a community development block grant area to work for the city, but are still asked to apply if they do not live in the CDBG area because there are other private and non profit job opportunities, and their applications will be passed on.  If you have any questio
ns feel free to let me know.  There is also a great video on the website for you to check out.
Another Opportunity for Teens to make money...
Among 4th graders, 41% of Whites are reading at grade level compared to
16% of Latinos and 13% of Blacks.
9.3% of White students have been retained in a grade at least once, compared to 18% of American Indian, 17.5% of Black, and 13.2% of Hispanic students.
In 1999, 59% of Black men in their thirties who had dropped out of
high school had prison records.
Today, 580,000 Black males are serving sentences in state and federal prisons while fewer than 40,000 Black males earn a bachelor's degree each year.
---taken from America's Cradle To Prison Pipeline:
A Report To The Children's Defense Fund.
Research has shown that African American and Latino boys, on average, begin to lose interest in school in the third and fourth grades.  By this time 43% to 56% (it varies from state to state) are reading at a first or second grade level.
BROWN BOYS BONDING THRU BOOKS is a new SeedFolks Reading Circle for African American, Asian, Latino/Hispanic and Native American boys in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades.  It is an academic intervention program designed to celebrate learning, to nurture their interest in reading, facilitate cross-cultural understanding, create a safe space for sharing life stories, and more.
The pilot program will be held at Capitol Library, 3969 N. 74th Street,
on Wednesday evenings, June 25 thru August 6.
An important aspect of the model we have created is hiring young males in high school to be teen leaders and mentors in this reading program.  You must be a young male, presently in grades eight thru eleven, who have a grade point average of 2.8 or above.  Please put it in the hands of teens you think could handle being leaders in this program.  Please contact me at: to get an application.
Thank You! Venice R. Williams, Executive Director 
phone: (414)444-5950, fax: (414) 444-5960, cell: (414) 687-0122
SeedFolks Youth Ministry
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church location
3617 N. 48th Street, Milwaukee, WI  53216


    Subject: educational opportunity
    Are you "Ready to Teach"?
    Howard University has just been awarded a multi-million dollar grant from
    the U.S. Department of Education to recruit, train and certify people that
    are interested in becoming teachers.  We are looking for candidates who
    would like to teach English, Mathematics, Reading, Science or Special
    Education in Chicago (IL); Clayton County (GA); Houston (TX); Prince
    George's County (MD); or Washington (DC).  The best part -no experience or
    background in education is required!
    The Ready to Teach program (RtT) is ACTIVELY recruiting candidates for the
    2008-2009 Cohort.  Through this program you can earn a Master's of Arts in
    teaching Degree and get your teaching certification in one short year!
     RtT even provides scholarships and financial assistance to its candidates.
     The program is geared towards African-American males, but everyone is
      ;encouraged to apply.  Hurry, the application deadline is March 3, 2008!!!
    For admissions requirements and more information please visit the website
    at <>  < <>  , or feel free
    to contact Trenile Tillman at <>
    Best Regards,
    Trenile Tillman, Program Assistant
    Howard University, School of Education
    Ready to Teach Program
    202-806-6500 (phone), 202-518-1166 (fax)
Contact:  Johonna Duckworth, Sista Pride-Special Events Coordinator
                414-447-5333 ext 238,
Jacqueline Zeledon, Communications Manager
414-267-8132, 414-659-4017 cell,
Boys & Girls Clubs’ Sista Pride Initiative Seeks Donations for “Princess for Prom”
(MILWAUKEE) Feb. 5, 2008 ¾ Sista Pride, an initiative of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, presents “Princess for Prom” an image and beauty transformation opportunity for area teen girls.  Organizers invite the public to donate gently worn evening and special occasion dresses and other accessories to help deserving high school students attend their proms.
The Princess for the Prom transformation opportunity is open to all high school junior and senior girls in the Milwaukee area. To receive a complete prom outfit, teens must register and participate in workshops that will focus on manners, character development, image and life skills. Upon successful completion of all the workshops, every girl will have the opportunity to select her prom wardrobe.
“In our third year, Princess for Prom has evolved into a wonderful event,’ says Johonna Duckworth, Sista Pride-Special Events Coordinator. “We have faith that with the help of the community, the Boys & Girls Clubs and Sista Pride will be able to not only reach but exceed our goal of serving 200 young women.”
Donated dresses and accessories are being accepted between now and April 1. Duckworth recommends donating dresses and accessories that are in contemporary styles and age appropriate for a teen girl.  Dresses in sizes 0 to 4 as well as sizes 14 and higher are also welcome. All donations for Princess for Prom will be tax-deductible. Tax receipts will be provided at drop-off locations:
♦        Don & Sallie Davis Boys & Girls Club, 1975 S. 24th Street
♦        Daniels-Mardak Boys & Girls Club, 4834 N. 35th Street
♦        Roger & Leona Fitzsimonds Boys & Girls Club, 3400 W. North Avenue
♦        Augusta M. LaVarnway Boys & Girls Club, 2739 N. 15th Street
♦        Pieper-Hillside Boys & Girls Club, 611 W. Cherry Street
♦        Mary Ryan Boys & Girls Club, 3000 N. Sherman Boulevard
Financial contributions will be accepted and used for the purchase of foundations, grooming products and other accessories. Checks should be made payable to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee – Sista Pride and mailed to Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee, 1558 N. Sixth St., P.O. 12486, Milwaukee, WI 53212.
            The Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee is the oldest and largest youth-serving agency in Milwaukee. It offers after-school and evening programming for children ages 5-18, focusing on those who have major life obstacles, most often poverty. The Clubs operate six branches and 24 school sites including Camp Whitcomb/Mason near Hartland. Membership to the Clubs is only $5 per year, per child, but no one is ever turned away based on ability to pay. For more information, visit the Club’s Web site at
 People Choice Award!
Chistepper of Chicago
WOW ! ! !  I just received notice that I was nominated for Independent Artist of the Year !
By of Chicago.  This shocked the heck out of me!  The wonderful thing is, this couldn't have happened without your support !  Thank You, So Much !  NOW ! let's see if we can WIN it !  If you would be so kind as to take some time and go to the site;, go to right and click on (2007 peoples choice Awards !- VOTE HERE)  Then go to the "INDEPENDENT ARTIST OF THE YEAR"category and cast your VOTE for J. MOST. My name is  Mis-spelled temporarily but you'll be able to make it out. In other categories please support these names, as they have shown J. MOST/MUSIC ton's of support. (Easy Alcorn, Joanne Alcorn, Magestic gents, MSBU, Mr G's, Mykel(shorty smooth), Vicki Henning, or Peggy, Westside Mike, Tyk Myn, L.C. Henderson, Pete Frazier, World's largest steppers contest, Dan lan, Cynthia Bean, In other categories just place a vote for someone. Again! Let try to win it !
Thank You, Very-Very-Very Much !   Much Love, J. MOST.
You can also check out his MySpace at

Do you know a kid who cares?
Nominate a youth volunteer today or pass this e-mail on to family and friends
who know a deserving youth.
Kohl's Kids Who Care Scholarship Program

VISIT Milwaukee introduces:
Robert Moore, Convention Express Sales Manager
Need help with planning? Contact Robert at ;
    * Family Reunions/ member resources, collateral materials, *hotel accommodations
    * Weddings/ banquet resources, collateral materials, hotel accommodations
    * Military Reunions/ hotel accommodations, collateral materials

*Family Reunions, Military Reunions, and Weddings require a minimum ten (10) room commitment.
Services will include member requests for additional needs i.e.…Transportation companies.
Contact Robert Moore,  or call 414-287-4246

Do you know a student that would like to intern at the White House?
Dear Friends,
The application deadline for the Summer 2008 White House Internship is
February 26, 2008.  If you know students and/or organizations that may
be interested in this information please share this with them.
We are looking for a well-qualified, diverse group of applicants who
would like to intern here for President Bush.
A White House Internship is an opportunity for current students and
recent graduates to experience everyday life at the White House while
working with high-level officials on a variety of tasks and projects.
Strong applicants should exhibit:
·       Sound academic credentials
·       A demonstrated interest in public service
·       Solid written and verbal communication skills
·       A history of community involvement
·       Strong character and leadership skills

Beyond experiencing the day-to-day operations of the White House,
interns participate in a speaker series, tours, community service
projects, and various White House events.
For more information please visit our website at:
Applications should be submitted to
on or before February 26, 2008 for the Summer 2008 Internship.
If you have any questions please contact White House Personnel at
Thank you!
Mr. Paris Dennard
The White House
Visit for more trips inclding: Las Vegas in May and the Macy's Music Festival in Cincinnati.

Scholarship Information
BAW: Tom Joyner Foundation Full Ride Scholarship
Hello everyone.  I am writing to ask if any of you know someone that may have a used instrument ( Saxophone, trumpet, violin, etc.) that they have lying around and would like to donate to a worthy cause.  I am in the process of recruiting again for my music school and one of the major challenges I have had with my students is their lack of financial ability to purchase instruments.  I am hoping you can help me in my endeavors to increase music in the hearts of these young people.  Please feel free to give me a call at 414-217-4996 and or email me at
The condition of the instrument does not matter.
 Thank you,
Marcus A. Adams
Adams Music Institute  

Please Join Us for the It's Time Smoke Free Lobby Day on March 4th
You are invited to join smoke-free supporters throughout the state as we converge at the Capitol on March 4th.
It is critical to visibly show a presence to lawmakers and urge them to pass a strong smoke free statewide bill, free from exemptions and not delayed in its implementation.
Free transportation will be provided throughout the state .
Register today and help make history
Please consider attending this event. Everyone deserves the right to breathe clean air, no matter where they work. It's time for Wisconsin to join our neighbors in providing this basic protection from secondhand smoke to everyone.
Thank you for your continued support.
Sincerely, WI Advocacy Team
Alison Prange, Sara Sahli, Lisa Davidson, Rebecca Derenne, Allison Miller and Martha Baxter
Milwaukee Public Schools and Discovery World Pier Wisconsin
invites you to a special
 Professional Development Training
For School Governances
 Parents of MPS 6th to 12th Grade Students
Discovery World 500 N. Harbor Drive
Thursday, March 13, 2008 from
5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Registration, networking with light appetizers
Break out sessions on:
·        Math
·        Science
·        Literacy
·        Mapping Project Assignment
o        To be shared at the June 5th session
Transportation will be provided by the District’s Title I office at Central Services,
 5225 W. Vliet Street to Discovery World.
You must pre-register by calling:
 Bama B. Grice at 267-9126
 As soon as Possible
A follow-up dinner and parent networking session will be
 held on June 5th at Discovery World.
 Books and Discovery World passes will be distributed to participants.
No child care provided

McDonald's® All American High School Basketball Games
For up-to-the-minute information on the All American Basketball Game check out
On March 26, the McDonald's All American® Games will bring the top high school basketball talent in the nation to Milwaukee, Wis. to raise money for an important cause. Forty-eight future NCAA, NBA and WNBA superstars will rely on years of practice and natural talent when they tip-off at the Bradley Center.
This year marks the 31st Anniversary of the McDonald’s All American High School Boys Basketball Game and the seventh annual Girls Game.
The Boys Game will tip-off at 9:30 p.m. EST at the Bradley Center and will air live on ESPN. The Girls Game begins at 7:00 p.m. EST and will broadcast live on ESPNU.
McDonald’s All American Alumni include former and current NBA stars such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kevin Garnett, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and current college stand-outs such as Michael Beasley (Kansas State), Tyler Hansbrough (North Carolina), Tina Charles (Connecticut) and Candice Parker (Tennessee). More than 700 prep athletes have been named to the McDonald’s All American Team. From that alumni class, more than 97 percent have played college basketball for Division I programs and more than 100 currently compete in the NBA.
A selection committee of prominent high school coaches, prep scouts and media from across the country choose the nation’s top graduating high school boys and girls basketball players from a pool of approximately 2,500 seniors. Morgan Wootten, who won more than 1,200 games as coach of DeMatha Catholic High School (Hyattsville, Md.), serves as chairman of the McDonald’s All American Selection Committee and legendary former UCLA coach, John Wooden, chairman of the McDonald’s All American Game, serves as an advisor to the committee.
This year, a portion of the proceeds from the 2008 Games will benefit Ronald McDonald House Charities® (RMHC®) of Eastern Wisconsin. Millions of dollars have been donated to RMHC from proceeds generated at the McDonald’s All American Games.
The 2008 Games mark the first year for the McDonald’s All American Advisory Council. This important group, consisting of former McDonald’s All Americans including Danny Ferry and Greg Oden, will be led by Alonzo Mourning with the goal of continuing to shape the future of the Games while inspiring the top players of tomorrow to champion causes like Ronald McDonald House Charities. To do so, the Council drafted its “Three Point Mission”:
          o Connect future basketball stars with veteran leaders who can play a positive role in their development as athletes
          o Help athletes create a greater charitable legacy in their community through involvement with children’s charities
          o Honor the nation’s best high school all star event by showcasing some of the greatest names from its past
We're not like some sites, we dont mind political. items, just rmember we're going to feature your oponent as well. In all things.

The fundraising event with Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton in support of Lena Taylor for Milwaukee County Executive has been rescheduled for:
Wednesday, March 5, 2008
5:30 - 7:00 p.m.
At Moct:
240 E. Pittsburgh Ave., Milwaukee, WI  53204
$500 Host
$250 Sponsor
$50 Guest
If you were planning to attend the previous event that was canceled by the snowstorm and cannot attend the new event, please donate here.
Thank you for your continued support!  On to victory!!
RSVP to Sonja at 414-344-4529 

These community events for the Milwaukee area are also culled from the emailouts of  Milwaukee Events and Donte McFadden's crew , and by Milwaukee Comunity Connections of , also known to her family as Michelle Allison.
They perform a great service to the community, and the NetPaper couldn't do its job without their efforts every week.
Donte has been doing this longest, so he goes first. Actually, the Wheatfalls beat us all, but they've been sitting things out where mass emails are concerned. P. Thadison and his krewe deal with Cyberspace postings on their site after dabbling with emailings and a local magazine

milwaukee events

If you would like an event forwarded to the Milwaukee Events list serve, or if you wish to subscribe or unsubscribe to or from the list serve, e-mail:

One email will be sent per week with events for the following 10 days. Please send text versions of postings no more than 2 weeks in advance with the name of the event and date in the subject. No attachments or evites please.

Milwaukee Events webpage:

Other pages worth checking out:

88Nine Radio Milwaukee

Milwaukee Renaissance

Spine Magazine:

Nat Creole Magazine

Giant Step (music)

Community Connections Milwaukee Area Events
These are culled from the emailouts by  , also known to her family as Michelle Allison. She tells us:

"The Events are in listed in chronological order, current events first, night life, jobs and ongoing events next and scholarships last.

"Dear Friends: My reason for sending out these weekly listings is to prove that there is something to do in Milwaukee. Please do not Spam off of my email list, the individuals who receive these emails trust me.

"If you have an event and would like me to forward it to my list serve, please send your event to me by Sunday and I will send it out. I will not guarantee that your event will be added for that week and distributed to everyone if it is not sent in by Sunday. ~ Thank you, Michelle Allison

DISCLAIMER - I Don't write the emails, I just pass them on. "

Community Connections - Connected to all your community needs.



The City of Milwaukee is currently seeking qualified individuals. Information regarding these positions can be obtained at the following website:


Strive Media Institute wins Four Emmys

Strive Media Institute has won its fourth Emmy! On Sunday, November 18th, the Chicago/Midwest Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences held its 49th annual awards ceremony in Chicago, Illinois.
Strive Media Institute was nominated in two categories: Outstanding Achievement for Informational Programs-Children’s/Teen Single Program or series and Outstanding Achievement for Informational Program Segment for Gumbo Teen Television.
Reporter Camille Johnson, and Associate producer, McKenzie Martin, won the coveted statue for their work on the segment “Diamond Wars of Africa” in the category of Outstanding Achievement for Informational Programs-Magazine.

The Emmy winning news segment “Diamond Wars of Africa,” was produced inside of Gumbo Teen Television Show (GTV) that aired on WTMJ-NBC-4 last season. Pictured in photo (l-r) Tiffany Yang, Treba Mitchell, Camille Johnson, Sade Hood, Lonnie Smith).

GTV currently airs on WISN-TV-12-ABC. GTV is a one hour -2-part teen magazine style show produced for teens and by teens. Strive Media Institute is a great opportunity for aspiring journalist or producers to cut their teeth in the TV business, says Camille Johnson”, now a college freshman at Columbia Chicago. GTV has given me the confidence and experience to successfully achieve my career and life long goals.

“We are very proud to have the opportunity to provide such a high quality and real-life experiences for our teens today”, says Matthew Johnson, executive producer of the show. GTV not only provides teens with real television experience, it also provides them with a much needed real voice.

“Milwaukee should be proud of all of our youth and their accomplishments. It’s a shame that programs like Strive Media Institute is not fully recognized or supported by the corporate and philanthropic community. Strive Media Institute has been producing top notch talent and showing real results for the past 18 years. This is very sad,” says, Veronica Floyd, district comptroller for UPS and Strive Media Institute’s board president.

GUMBO Television is division of Strive Media Institute (SMI), whose mission is, “Promoting Diversity through Mass Communication.” SMI is made up of three business units covering various areas of mass media and works to provide a positive learning environment for teens interested in college and careers in mass media. Strive Media Institute produces GUMBO Magazine, GUMBO Television, Full Access Marketing, Ya’ Heard Magazine and Girlfriends Health Guide for Women of Color. For more information about Strive Media Institute, please visit
Contact: Matthew Johnson, Executive Director Strive Media Institute
Travel Opportunites

Great schools are led by great principals.

New Leaders for New Schools is looking for our next class of leaders who can drive student achievement for all students, and we need your help in finding them. At New Leaders, our mission is to ensure high academic achievement for every student by attracting and preparing outstanding leaders and supporting the performance of the schools they lead, at scale.
You can help Milwaukee students by reaching out to talented friends, colleagues, and family to find applicants for the eighth cohort of New Leaders. We know your time is precious, and we value your voice in helping us with this crucial endeavor. The priority application deadline is October 25, 2007.

Now in our seventh year, 431 New Leaders serve over 200,000 students in Baltimore, California's Bay Area, Chicago, Memphis, Milwaukee, New Orleans, New York City, Prince George?s County, MD, and Washington, DC. Though united by common values, our New Leaders are outstanding and diverse in every respect.

We are looking for current or former educators who have:

· An unyielding belief and sense of urgency to ensure that all students achieve academically at high levels,

· Instructional expertise in a K-12 classroom,

· A record of success in leading adults and students, and

· A relentless drive to lead an excellent urban public school.

Our comprehensive program includes nine weeks of rigorous training; a year-long, paid residency in a public district or charter school; weekly coaching from successful veteran principals; administrative certification; and ongoing support once on-the-job as a principal.
 New Leaders also become members of a nationwide community of driven and results-oriented colleagues who share a goal of ensuring high academic achievement for every student.

You Can Help. Please support us as we find the next generation of school leaders. Apply to become a New Leader. Applications must be submitted online at  

· Forward this email to your networks, and highlight this opportunity in newsletters, meetings, and other correspondences.

Email or call us with names of great candidates. Contact Megan McDonald at or 414.283.4797. For more information, to nominate a great candidate, or to apply, visit  
Together, we can ensure that all students have strong school leaders dedicated to their achievement. Thank you for your help and commitment to quality public education!

Best wishes, New Leaders for New Schools - Milwaukee Team

New Leaders for New Schools,
1124 North 11th Street, 3rd Floor,
Milwaukee, WI 53233

Tel: (414) 283-4797,
Fax: (414) 283-4779,

Ensuring high academic achievement for every student by attracting and preparing outstanding leaders and supporting the performance of the urban schools they lead, at scale.


This web site list some opportunities for our young men and women please post as special announcement.


1) Wells Fargo Collegesteps Scholarship Program

Open to any current U.S. citizen or permanent resident alien who is a high school senior during the 2006-2007 school year, who graduates from high school in 2007. Offers high school seniors the chance to win one of a hundred $1,000 tuition scholarships to be given away. All winners are chosen through random drawings. Learn More at

2) Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

Offers grants for U.S. citizen undergraduate students of limited financial means to pursue academic studies abroad. Such international study is intended to better prepare U.S. students to assume significant roles in an increasingly global economy and interdependent world. Learn More at

3) National Black Police Association Scholarship Award For Criminal Justice Majors

The National Black Police Association is seeking to enhance higher

education opportunities among qualified graduates. It is our desire that through this financial award a student (male or female) might be afforded the opportunity to have higher educational training in the academics of law enforcement, or other related areas, for the betterment of the Criminal Justice system. Learn More at

4) ADHA Institute Scholarship Program For Dental Students

The primary focus of the program is to provide financial assistance to dental hygiene students and dental hygienists who can demonstrate a commitment to further the discipline of dental hygiene through academic achievement, professional excellence, and a desire to improve the publics overall health.

5) Ed Bradley Scholarship For Minorities in Communications

Ed Bradley, 60 Minutes correspondent at CBS News, was once a teacher and made a switch to journalism. Bradley spoke of introducing deserving minority students to the communications career field and endowed this annual award. Learn More at


1) NBC Internships in New York and Los Angeles

NBC Universal's internships give you real world experience and let you become familiar with NBCU's organization and work style. Internships are the perfect way to gain real world experience while learning what a career at NBC Universal might hold in store for you. Learn More at

2) Sales Careers At Xerox

At Xerox, we are bringing a new world of technology to people across the globe. We employ professionals who have potential, vision and originality. People who are revolutionizing the digital age with products and solutions like no other. Learn More at

3) Internships at Mastercard

Show us the most priceless thing where you live by April 30, and you could win the ultimate internship. The Grand-prize winner, along with a friend, will travel as our International Priceless Picks(TM) Correspondent, reporting on Priceless Picks along the way. Learn More at


Top Career Programs For Women

$10,000 Scholarship Contest For Students

Win Our $2,400 Scholarship For Black


The Horatio Alger Association seeks to assist high school seniors students who have:

  • demonstrated integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity
  • strength of character
  • financial need
  • a good academic record
  • commitment to pursue a college education; and
  • a desire to contribute to society

To submit an application to the Horatio Alger Association, please visit:

Access The Top 100 Black Scholarships... is a FREE online resource and weekly email newsletter featuring the latest news, tips, and opportunities for African-American high school and college students. The service is 100% FREE.

  •  Scholarships
  •  Grants
  •  Fellowships
  •  Internships
  •  Co-Op Programs
  •  Entry Level Jobs


Top Internships/Jobs:

  • Sam Walton/Wal-Mart Community Scholarship

The selection of winners is based on financial need, academic records, standardized test results (ACT, SAT), extracurricular activities, community involvement, work experience, and timely and accurate completion of the Scholarship Competition application.

  • Black Police Association Scholarship For Criminal Justice Majors

The National Black Police Association is seeking to enhance higher education opportunities among qualified graduates. It is our desire that through this financial award a student might be afforded the opportunity to have higher educational training in the academics of law enforcement, or other related areas, for the betterment of the Criminal Justice system.

(Coming Soon)

  • Princess Grace Scholarships In Dance, Theater, and Film

The program offers scholarships for theater, dance, and film students, apprenticeships for emerging theater artists at non-profit companies, fellowships for theater and dance at non-profit companies, and fellowship for an individual playwright at New Dramatists.

  • Go On Girl Book Club Scholarships

The nation's largest reading group for Black women, The Go On Girl! Book Club, Inc., invites you to write your way to $500. Our mission is to encourage the literary pursuits of people of African descent.

  • Porter Physiology Fellowships for Minorities

Open to underrepresented ethnic minority applicants who are citizens or permanent residents of the United States or its territories. The applicant must have been accepted into or currently be in a graduate program in physiology at the time of the application.

This Week's Top Internships/Jobs:

  • GlaxoSmithKline Summer Internship Program

GSK offers internship opportunities during the summer to college students that are currently enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or Ph.D level degree program.

  • State Farm Internship Program

State Farm's goal is to recruit a diverse group of top talent at various colleges and universities within the United States. We offer interns challenging and meaningful work that allows them to demonstrate their abilities, apply the knowledge they've acquired through college courses, and be evaluated for future employment opportunities.

  • FREE College for Black Males

Here's an interesting program affilated with Clemson University, Benedict College, Claflin University, Morris College and South Carolina State University,.

The Call Me MISTER program combines the special strengths and resources of Clemson University with the individualized instructional programs offered by four historically black colleges in South Carolina: Benedict College, Claflin University, Morris College and South Carolina State University.
To provide even greater opportunity and access, students have the option of first attending one of our two-year partner colleges before transferring to one of the four-year institutions to complete their baccalaureate degree. In addition, the project has limited enrollment in the middle school Master of Art in Teaching program.

Do You know any Black Males who are in Senior high school who wants to go to college out of state for Free? The Black colleges are looking for future Black male teachers and will send then to universities/college for 4 years FREE.

This is for MALES ONLY. Have the parents fill out this application. Read the Mission Statement. There are about 10 different colleges or universities.

  • Nursing Program

If you know of anyone between 18-28 years old, interested in the

nursing field, University of the District of Columbia (UDC) is offering

FREE tuition, FREE books, a $250 monthly stipend, and guaranteed job placement as a nurse at Providence Hospital upon graduation (it's a 3 year program) with a starting salary of $40,000. The program is recruiting new students now!! Please contact Ms. Beshon Smith

202.266-5481 or email

  • Scholarships going unnoticed by African-American Students

Though there are a number of companies and organizations that have donated money for scholarship use to African Americans, a great deal of the money is being returned because of a lack of interest.

These funds are being returned to donating companies because of a failure to apply.

Please pass this information on to family members and friends to get the word out that money is available. If you are a college student or getting ready to become one, you probably already know how useful additional money can be.

Below are several scholarship awards and websites:

Harvard University announced that from now on undergraduate students from low-income families will pay no tuition. In making the announcement, Harvard's president Lawrence H. Summers said, "When only 10 percent of the students in Elite higher education come from families in lower half of the income distribution, we are not done enough. We are not doing enough in bringing elite higher education to the lower half of the income distribution."

If you know of a family earning less than $40,000 a year with an honor student graduating from high school soon, Harvard University wants to pay the tuition. The prestigious university recently announced that from now on undergraduate students from low-income families can go to Harvard for tuition and no student loans!

To find out more about Harvard offering free tuition for families making less than $40,000 a year visit Harvard's financial aid website at: and click on FINACIAL AID FACT SHEET. Or call the school's financial aid office at (617) 495-1581.

Knoxville college, in east tennessee, has reduced its tuition from $5,000 to $1,400 per student including room, board, and books!


All you need is $600 for the enrollment deposit and $800 can be paid in four monthly installments of $200 each. The program is funded by corporate sponsors and guarantees a college education where students graduate debt free.


Enrollment requirements include a high school diploma and a 2.0/4.0 scale. If your student has below a 2.0, but you know they are college material, they may be considered provided they get three letters of recommendation.


For educators who will support their potential, all interested students must immediately contact the admissions office at knoxville college by dialing 1-800-743-5669 or by applying on line at:


Congratulations to Dr. Demond Means on becoming the new Superintendent of Mequon/Thiensville School District.

From the JS Online article on Means:

Mequon-Thiensville names superintendent
By Lawrence Sussman

Mequon - Demond Means, a 1990 graduate of Milwaukee's Riverside High School, continued his rapid rise in public school administration tonight after he was unanimously chosen for a two-year term as superintendent of the Mequon-Thiensville School District.

Means told the board that he appreciated the opportunity to take the district to the best levels possible.

"There's room for improvement. We have to fine-tune some of the academics," he said.

He then paused and said, "There's an old saying, 'I am hyena happy and peacock proud to be the next superintendent.'"

The School Board of the suburban district named Means, the district's assistant superintendent, to succeed Robert Slotterback, who is retiring.

At a closed session last month, the Mequon-Thiensville School Board discussed hiring Means as superintendent after the board learned Slotterback planned to retire, effective June 30, board President Peter Stone said Monday.

"We are extremely familiar with Doctor Means, including his time over the last year on two occasions when he was acting superintendent for a total period of six to eight weeks," Stone said.

Means, 35, will be paid $143,000 for his first year as superintendent, which begins July 1. Slotterback's salary is $150,000.

For Means, who became an assistant principal at Nicolet High School in Glendale at the age of 25 and was named principal of Maple Dale Middle School in Fox Point at age 28, the Mequon-Thiensville promotion is the latest in his young career.

Means, who said in a 2005 interview that his ambition is to someday lead the Milwaukee Public Schools, served as co-interim superintendent and as director of human resources for the Wauwatosa School District before coming to Mequon-Thiensville

Michelle R. Allison

~You can't live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you. - John Wooden

Can you imagine a Milwaukee where the only choice for lunch or dinner out is at a chain restaurant?!

Have you noticed an alarming number of independently-owned restaurants have shut down their businesses over the past few months?

This summer, we were saddened by the closing of the Holiday House. It joins :

  • Barossa,
  • Moceans,
  • Mo's Cucina,
  • WOW Cafe,
  • Ristorante Bartolotta's on Downer,
  • Chancery on Downer
Just to name only a few recently closed restaurants. Here are 3 things we can all do to support independent restaurants:

1) Eat at your favorite restaurants as often as least a few times a month,

2) Let the restaurant owner or manager know if something is good or bad. Every one of us is human (and unfortunately we have our good and bad days) so don't give up on a place without giving them a chance to make things right.

 3) Help spread the word! Ask for business cards, menus or other promotional material that you can help pass out to friends and family. Many small businesses simply cannot afford the high cost of extensive advertising, so please help them out. Thanks for your support of a "one-of-a-kind" Milwaukee!



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