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Adventures of Tha Travel Griot
Gallery of Photos
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Here are some pictures of our trips and adventure vacations.


The Gizeh Plateau outside Cairo, Egypt, site of three of the region of Northeast Africa's nearly 70 pyramidal structures worthy of the designation 




Old Mother is what the indigenous people of Hawai'i call the collapsed volcano known as Diamondhead on the east side of the capital island of Oahu. There are hiking trails that lead from the park at its base on the ocean side that is a nice way to spend an afternoon, and work up a hearty appetite. [photo by kevin j. walker]


VOG, OR VOLCANIC SMOG IS SEEN IN THIS SUNSET picture on the southwest part of Oahu. As we saw in our visit to the Greek isle of Santorini, outgassing by volcanoes affects the weather, air quality and even the sunsets as seen here. [photo by kevin j. walker]

Global adventures withj the Travel Griot and his krewe

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