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On this page we'll include links that provide more information about our vacation destination or about travel in general.

This link has some great photos of our vacation trips to Hawai'i, Italy, Greece, and Palestine:


Bastille Days Festival
Milwaukee is the City of Festivals, so we have a four day festival for the French who used to pretty much own this area, meaning Wisconsin. The downtown festival is chock full of food, wine, street dancing, strolling strumpets, fortune tellers, and too much more.


Twins Johnson at Garfield Day Street Festival
People Watching, and catching up to and with your old friends is among the attractions of our many outdoor festivals such as Garfield Avenue; Juneteenth; African World Festival; UNCF Run/Walk; and the various Church, neighborhood and Back to School gatherings. The Twins can often be seen at many of the events, as they are fun-loving and community involved.
--Photos by Kevin J. Walker, Netitor
of The Word NetPaper

Been There, And Done That In Hawai'i, Egypt, Palestine, Italy, Cyprus, and Greece

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