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511 Events Calendar . They tell us, we tell you. --- the Netitor of the NetPaper


511 Calendar for The Word NetPaper  For Current Events, Politics, Travel, Film & Video -- Kevin J. Walker, the Netitor --



>> 1290 WMCS-AM continues Scholarship tradition


           Tj Live posted this on Facebook:
"If you know any high school seniors in need of scholarship dollars please make sure they apply for a Willie D. Davis Scholarship. Hurry! The deadline is Friday (March 29). To download applications see link."


                                          Obie Sartin Jr. has passed;
                                      Was Lincoln Jr/Sr/ Educator


>>  Sherry Hill sent this in from Facebook:

-For all former Lincoln Comets I am sad to say that our old teacher Mr. Obie Sartin Jr. has passed . His arrangements:

   Thursday, March 28, 2013  visitation 3 pm to 7:00 pm viewing/visitation services start at 7:00 pm. All will take place at the Zion Hill Baptist Church  19th & Hampton ave., Milwaukee


>> Jobs Recruitment March 26...Read in INNER-ATTAINMENT <<<----


Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce Presents:

Cross-Border Entrepreneurship and the Untapped Potentials of the Emerging Market Luncheon March 28 @ Women's Center;


                                                   Coming up in OUT & ABOUT: 

       >> THE LADIES OF MCI CONF. @ Hyatt Hotel

-- we partook of their hospitality at the global conference on women's opportunities in advance of Women's Month; 

>> Greg Stanford's historical play "Miss Moses" reading @ Marquette U --

    Gregory Stanford, crafts the engaging play of 1800s guerilla leader of escaped Southern captives via the dangerous Underground Railroad. Read more at the Concerts & Plays section to tha left ... <<--- 

                  .............SCIENCE NEWS.......

       >> Star Hustler calendar of events celestial: Comet Watching year kicks off near end of mont --

-- bright naked-eye visitor will light up the night skies in Northern hemi <<---


>> Business Conference March 28 with Nigerian Executives at Women's Center <<-- over in INNER -ATTAINMENT <<___;


>> Global warming Conference in Milwaukee

Sustainability Summit at the Delta Center, 400 West Wisconsin Avenue March 7th. Free and Open to the Public;

4th street forum is On the Road taping a show @ the summit:


    Is the earth's climate at the tipping point?   What must we do now to secure our energy future?

    4th street forum is On the Road March 7, Thursday @ the Delta Center downtown. Is the Earth's climate at the tipping point?

   Zelma Maine Jackson is a 4SF panelist  because she’s hydrog-ecologist for the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Nuclear Waste Program. This is a position she has held for the past 20 years.

   Her role is to provide oversight for groundwater cleanup of radioactive and hazardous waste contamination. Ms. Jackson works closely with communities that border chemical and hazardous waste sites.

 Location: March 7, Thursday at the 2013 Sustainability Summit at the Delta Center 400 West Wisconsin Avenue, Conference Room 101B.

Free and Open to the Public.  Special recording time of 2pm (Doors open at 1:30PM)

Black Man’s Forum topic the Black Business Economic Development Fund

   They of the BMF declare that on Thursday, March 7 "It's Time for Black People to Master Money"

“Black people in America has mastered every arena that we have ever become involved in from politics, law, art, music, dance, education, religion, sports, etc. in spite of having to break through the barrier of racism while doing it.

   “However, we now possess the capacity to master the arena of money which has been a major topic of discussion in our community. Why is it that we cannot seem to harness our economic resources to build our community?

“Many ethnic groups have been able to benefit from billions of dollars we spend. What is keeping us from harnessing our dollars to help us to build our community? We need to look at a different paradigm of how we should spend our money.

When: Thursday, March 7, 2013

Where: Coffee Makes U Black

2803 N. Teutonia Ave.

Time: 6:00PM - 7:30PM

For more information call 414-374-2364

      >> COFFEE MAKES U BLACK serving up breakfast & conversation @ 2803 N. Teutonia Ave.;

      << Ausar Auset Society events for better health & wealth;

>> Af-Amer. Chamber of Commerce Wealth Building Conference

      >> Film Talk at the Pabst Theatre: actor Bruce Campbell of 

"Army of Darkness" ("Evil Dead 3")

      Jay & Silent Bob

     <<-- CHRIS TUCKER March 8th, SEE IN CONCERTS calendar <<;


FOR 1972-1973 GRADS ;


 Ray Harmon Passes, memorial & Services info listed

  [ Netitor Note to all you heathens: A church is that big bldg. with the white or gold “T” on the top.


 Kevin J. Walker, Netitor, THE WORD NetPaper  For Current Events, Politics, Travel, Film & Video  .......




Star Hustler reports; Science, Colonisation Of Mars, Exotic Transportation Technology & Commuter Rail --


Ancient Knowledge, Forbidden Sciences


MoVideos Cinema& Video Reviews



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